Welcome to CISS 2014

The 48th Annual Conference in Information Sciences and Systems was held on March 19, 20, and 21 at Princeton University. Authors presented previously unpublished papers describing theoretical advances, applications, and ideas in the fields of: information theory, coding theory, communication, networking, signal processing, image processing, systems and control, learning and statistical inference.

Conference Schedule

Wednesday, March 19
8:30am-9:45amPlenary - John Lafferty, University of Chicago
10:10am-12:30pmWed AM Sessions
2:30pm-4:50pmWed PM Sessions
Thursday, March 20
8:30am-9:45amPlenary - Ruediger Urbanke, School of
Computer & Communication Sciences of EPFL
10:10am-12:30pmThu AM Sessions
2:30pm-4:50pmThu PM Sessions
Friday, March 21
8:30am-9:45amPlenary - Stephen Boyd, Stanford University
10:10am-12:30pmFri AM Sessions

Plenary Speakers

March 19

John Lafferty
University of Chicago

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March 20

Ruediger Urbanke
School of Computer & Communication Sciences of EPFL

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March 21

Stephen Boyd
Stanford University

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Conference Organizers

Program Directors

Prof. Sanjeev Kulkarni
Prof. Emmanuel Abbe

Department of Electrical Engineering
Princeton University

Conference Coordinator

Lisa Lewis
Phone: (609) 258-6227
Email: ciss@princeton.edu

Conference Location

Princeton University  
Friend Center
Olden Street, Princeton, NJ 08544
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